Perfect Knight For Love-Jackie Ivie

Perfect Knight For Love

Jackie Ivie

Zebra, Sep 2012, $6.99

ISBN: 978-1420124002


In 1689 Thayne MacGowan saves Amalie from a nasty fall as Lord Dunn-Fyne traps them.  Dunn-Fyne wants to know if the new bairn is a boy.  Thayne says she is a daughter of him and his wife Amalie.  In truth the baby is the offspring of brutal Dunn-Fyne and his late wife Mary (of Thayne’s clan).  Thayne and Amalie head to Castle Gowan while Dunn-Fynn escorts them.


Dunn-Fynn offers Amalie a real man, but she declines claiming the bairn was theirs and she was married to Thayne.  Her declaration makes them married under Scottish law.  Thayne knows her declaration will restart the feud with Mackennah as he is engaged to the laird’s daughter.  Thayne tells her Dunn-Fynn will rape her so she must stay at his side.  Near Castle Gowan, his men replace Thayne and Amalie.  They flee with the baby.  Thayne kills Dunn-Fynn but takes a knife to the butt.  Jamie plans to tup Amalie but she knees him and flees as Thayne arrives.  He vows to kill his brother if he hurts his wife.  Amalie asks Thayne to let her go as she conceals that she is the daughter of an earl who fled London and a marriage her father pushed.  He says she claimed him so they are married.  He will consummate the act when they reach the castle, but he knows his troubles have just begun. 


This historical romance focuses on a complex relationship between the lead couple as external interests are impacted by their relationship.  Although the duke and duchess are pathetic and Amalie a spoiled whiner, fans will enjoy this seventeenth century Scottish romance that makes a strong case that a leader is not necessarily the chief.


Harriet Klausner


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