By Starlight-Dorothy Garlock

By Starlight

Dorothy Garlock

Grand Central, Aug 21 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9780446540094


In 1931, Jack Rucker’s job is to shut down illegal speakeasies and arrest the bosses in Montana.  He knows fighting comes with the turf and most, if not all, are run by a local mom using mom and pop operations.  His current assignment shakes him up because seven years ago, Jack was in Colton where he promised to return to his beloved fifteen year old Maddy Aldridge.  Facing her seems more dangerous than the Chicago Mafia. 


Maddy runs the illegal speakeasy in the basement of her family’s failing mercantile.  She fears if the store goes bankrupt her ailing father will shatter emotionally.  Her business partner Jeffers is a dangerous mobster surrounded by nasty thugs.


When Jack and Maddy meet for the first time since his promise, both know they remain in love.  However, she distrusts him for never coming back as he pledged to her.  He knows he must arrest his beloved and Jeffers while shutting down their speakeasy; fully understanding the second order effects.


This is an entertaining Depression Era romantic suspense that brings to life Prohibition in Big Sky Country.  The lead couple is a delightful pair at cross purposes while considering a second chance at love.  However, it is the speakeasy with mobsters, customers, employees and prohibitionists who make for an enjoyable Americana.


Harriet Klausner


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