When Lightning Strikes-Brenda Novak

When Lightning Strikes

Brenda Novak

Mira, Aug 28 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780778313519


Public relations expert Gail DeMarco wants to tell her most important client movie A-list superstar Simon O’Neil that she can no longer help him, but knows her career would end if she kicked this simpleton to the curb.  Simon’s latest drinking and public fighting binge has led to a judge lecturing him while barring him from seeing his son.  He may be the top movie star, but Hollywood is barring him too as he has become unreliable.


To redeem his horrific image and more important custody of his child, Gail tells Simon he needs to marry a wholesome woman.  Simon likes the plan and tells his PR agent she is perfect for the role in his fake marriage.  She reluctantly accepts the part of his wife but on the stipulation of no sex.  They wed and honeymoon in her hometown of Whiskey Creek, California while his public and her family and friends refuse to believe this is not a publicity stunt as the couple begins to believe this is the real thing. 


This is a fun romance that allows love to slowly develop from initial cynicism.  The townsfolk are wonderful as everyday people who cannot accept that he Hollywood and Whiskey Creek would fall in love.  Readers will enjoy the relationship metamorphosis of the lead duet from scornful arguing to teasing love.


Harriet Klausner


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