Angels Landing-Rochelle Alers

Angels Landing

Rochelle Alers

Forever, Aug 28 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781455501380


New York City dedicated social worker Kara Newell travels to Charleston, South Carolina in response to an enigmatic request from David Sullivan, Taylor Patton’s attorney.  She explains to David that she does not know Mr. Patton, but the attorney says Mr. Patton knew her.  In a conference room she finds a horde of people angrily staring at her as the lawyer states deceased Taylor left his estate to his biological daughter Kara on the condition that she restore the National Historical registry site Angels Landing on Cavanaugh Island.  Confused Kara knows her father resides in Little Rock but David persuades her to spend a week at the estate instead of allowing avaricious relatives to sell to developers.


David calls his cousin Cavanagh Island Sheriff Jeff Hamilton, a retired twenty year marine to keep an eye on Kara as her new family is not happy with learning Taylor had a child.  Jeff, who returned to the island to help his beloved Grandmomma Corinne, says he will keep the newcomer safe.  However, he becomes more active when someone tries to frighten Kara to run back to New York or Arkansas.


The second Cavanaugh Island Low country romance (seeSanctuary Cove) is an exhilarating contemporary starring an intrepid heroine and the ex-marine cop who loves her.  The storyline is somewhat predicable, but made incredibly fresh by insight into the local history of islander African-Americans.  Readers will appreciate the return to Cavanagh Island.


Harriet Klausner


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