Not Proper Enough-Carolyn Jewel

Not Proper Enough

Carolyn Jewel

Berkley, Sep 4 2012, $7.99

ISBN 9780425250976


In 1817 London widow Lady Eugenia Bryant chaperones-mentors her friend naive Hester Rendell though her first season.  The only down note on Ginny’s return to the Ton after a four-year mourning period for Robert is seeing her late husband’s best friend Marquess Grenville Foxman Talbot who insulted her when Robert was alive.


Fox dreams of making love to Ginny, but also in his reverie he promised Robert to keep her safe.  Ginny is upset with herself for being attracted to the boorish man who treated her with contempt.  Ironically he was rude because she was a temptation that would have led him to betray his BFF.  Now he wants to make it up for his sake as the pair begings a tryst.


This Reforming the Scoundrels Regency romance (see Not Wicked Enough) is entertaining due to the engaging verbal barbs between the lead couple.  Although the storyline is somewhat thin, subgenre fans will enjoy the gender battle between Fox and Ginny as the memory of beloved Robert remains a barrier from the pair making their affair permanent.


Harriet Klausner


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