Blame It On Texas-Christie Craig

 Blame It On Texas

Christie Craig

Forever, Aug 28 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780446582834


Alabama kindergarten teacher Zoe Adams was watching Unsolved Mystery Hunters when a segment on a kidnapped girl hits home lead to strange memories.  With a sudden need to know about her past, Zoe heads to Texas for answers.


Zoe hires the Only In Texas private investigate firm to search for her heritage.  Wearing a clown costume after a gig at his niece’s birthday bash (to include bashing his abusive brother-in-law) PI Tyler Lopez takes charge of the inquiry.  He and Zoe are attracted to one another, but Tyler keeps reminding himself she is a client and Zoe has a past to meet before she can consider a future.  However, someone wants Zoe to leave the Lone Star State immediately preferably in a box while Tyler, used to protecting women from predators, vows to keep her safe and learn the truth.


This Hotter in Texas (see Don’t Mess With Texas) romance is an amusing frolic.  The fun storyline is an overused theme yet Christie Craig provides a fast-paced tale starring two protagonists battling over banana sandwiches while falling in love.  Though the villains are an acrimonious miserable group with no redeeming quality, fans will enjoy Zoe does Texas.


Harriet Klausner


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