The Trouble With Cowboys-Melissa Cutler

The Trouble With Cowboys

Melissa Cutler

Zebra, Oct 2 2012, $6.99

ISBN: 9781420130041


After melting down on national TV during the Ultimate Chef Showdown, Amy Sorentino returns home to Catcher Creek, New Mexico swearing off cowboys after the betrayal by The Cowboy Cook.  She tells Slipping Rock Ranch owner Kellan Reed that she and her sisters plan to open a family vacation spot with a restaurant and she needs his beef.  They go to his ranch to talk as he keeps thinking no involvement with a dysfunctional family like hers as he had his own growing up.  He gives her celery and carrots to take home.  They have sex though she vowed no cowboys. 


Amy’s sister Rachel runs the ranch.  Their other sibling Jenna has come home as a single mom to her Tommy.  Meanwhile Kellan’s avaricious Uncle Bruce calls to ask him to help buy the Sorentino ranch for his firm Amarex Petroleum though the land was surveyed as dry.  Kellan comes to church to invite Amy on a date.  His friend Sheriff Vaughn Cooper says the sisters went through a lot with the car accident death of their dad and the mental collapse of their mom.  Rachel insists Kellan is not good for Amy.  Kellan knows the Sorentino sisters scare him as they are there for each other unlike his dysfunctional family.


The lead couple is a nice pairing of flawed individuals with parental issues while the secondary characters enhance the look at the protagonists.  Adding realism is that the odious Cowboy Cook never gets his comeuppance.  Although Amy falls into the cowboy’s bunk too easily, fans will enjoy the first Sorentino sister ranch romance.


Harriet Klausner


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