Secrets From the Past-Barbara Taylor Bradford

Secrets From the Past
Barbara Taylor Bradford
St. Martin’s, Apr 9 2013, $27.99
ISBN: 9780312631666

Thirtyish Serena Stone chose to follow her dad’s dangerous occupation as a photo-journalist rather than her late mother the actress. After working in the Middle East for several years and with the death of her hero her father in France, Serena feels burned out and decides to go to New York to grieve and to honor her father by writing his biography.

However, Serena revises her plans when she finds out that her ex-lover Zac North suffers from PTSD. She travels to Venice to help nurture Zac and persuades him to join her on her paternal homage project. Together they go to her family home in Nice to look over her father’s work. However, Serena is stunned to find information that contradicts what she believed about her and her parents. Needing the truth, she follows the clues to Civil-War torn Libya.

Secrets from the past is an entertaining tale starring a woman seeking the truth though she fears in her case this will not set her free. With a strong cast, especially her father’s boss and Serena’s twin sisters, fans will relish accompanying the heroine and her one-woman man as they investigate a family mystery.

Harriet Klausner


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